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Registration Info and Instructions:

How To Shoot Like A Pro!!!


Class I: Beginner - How to use your camera (3 Hr Class)

Who is this class for:

1. For new camera users and the users who are still mystified by their camera

2. Photographers who want to use settings other than "Auto" mode.

3. Photographers who need a refresher on how to use their camera

4. Photographers who want to take the photos they envision in their minds (but don't know how).

What you need to do:
1. Have your camera and manual available. (It doesn't matter what brand camera you use. As        long as it's a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR)) or Mirrorless.
2. Bring a notepad
3. Bring enthusiasm
4. Fill out registration form below.
5. Pay the $200.00 registration fee. (Registration is not complete until fee is paid).

When: TBD 

How Long: TBD

Where: TBD

Why You Should Take This Class

We'll show you how to use all those dials and buttons effectively and we won't take up too much of your time to do it either. We will explain all of this in "plain English" without all that confusing technical jargon. All you need is 3hrs and we'll have you shooting like a Pro.

Actual Comments from previous students:

"The facilitator was very understandable and explained the techniques of the camera very well"

"Everything was explained very well and in laymen's terms"​

"The confidence I gained to move away from "auto mode."

"The class was instrumental in that confidence."

"Great information. Helped me in starting out in photography!"

"It was not formal!"


Click on the "Fill Out Registration Form" link below.

Click on the "Buy It Now" button or send payment via CashApp  Listed below.


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If using "Cash App" Send name, date of purchase and cash app info to

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